Foodie Travel: Capuchino: My favorite Cuban Dessert, Versailles Restaurant, Miami, FL

There is always one dessert that I have to get every time I go to Miami. That is the Capuchino. You find it in almost every cuban bakery. I purchased this one at Versailles Restaurant in Miami. It is a cone-shaped cake with a golden brown top, soaked in a sugary syrup that is flavored with cinnamon and citrus. It is sweet. It is fattening. But it is so worth it. I savored each and every bite of this super sweet dessert. It is the one dessert that transports me back in time when I would spend summers with my cousins in Miami. My uncle knew how much I loved them and he would always pick them up for me on his way home from work. How amazing is it when a food can take you back to a memory. Those are always the best bites!

Foodie Travel: Flight of Beer at the Yard House, Miami FL

This is my favorite way to taste different beers. It opens your horizons to new flavors and brands. The best part, if you don’t like one, you haven’t spent $6 for a full glass. This flight was from the Yard House in Miami. It has a huge bar with endless taps that run to a keg room that keeps the beer fresh and perfectly refrigerated. This flight was especially tasty and included, Orange Blossom Pilsner, Old Speckled Hen, Lost Coast Apricot Wheat, Hoegaarden White, Leffe Blonde and one of my favorites, Magic Hat #9.