Rockfish on Toasted Farro, Family Meal, Frederick, MD

Rockfish with Farro

As mention in one of my previous post, Family Meal is one of my favorite place to go for casual dining. On this visit, I had the Rockfish. It was served with crispy kale and placed on a bed of  toasted, creamy faro risotto. My favorite part of this dish was the pepperonetta that surrounded the farro. Pepperonetta is a blend of italian bell pepper, onion, tomatoes. Chef added spicy chorizo to the pepperonetta. It complimented the fish and the farro beautifully. I would of never thought that those flavors would work well together, but after tasting it, I just wanted more.

Fried Chicken, Family Meal, Frederick MD

Family Meal Fried Chicken.jpg

A friend of mine asked me where was the furthest I would drive for my favorite meal. Hands down, it would be Family Meal in Frederick, MD; a Bryan Voltaggio establishment. I love this casual dining place. Good food and great service. On this visit, we decided that we had to try the fried chicken. This dish served in ceramic chicken bowls make the dish that much more tempting to order it. The fried chicken was moist and juicy. The crunchy skin was well seasoned. They serve it with pickled veggies, flaky, jalapeno-cheese biscuits and if you can stand the heat, hot sauce on the side. It is well worth every bite!