Watermelon Sorbet with Percecco, Sinplicity, Washington, DC

To end a meal at Truckaroo you need something sweet. The choice was this Watermelon Sorbet with Percecco from Sinplicity. It was sweet and refreshing. Especially for a hot August day. They call their ice cream and sorbets “American gelato”. No wonder. Not your typical flavors and great combinations. My friend bought the Mint Mojito sorbet. The fresh taste of mint and lime mimicked a real mojito. YUM!

Lobster Rolls, Red Hook Lobster Truck, Washington, DC

Also a purchase from Truckaroo and one of the longest lines was Red Hook Lobster Pound. No wonder with the huge pieces of lobster served up Maine Style with shredded lettuce on a toasted split buttery roll. It transports you to a Maine seaside town, sitting outside and smelling the salty ocean air. Tasty!

TaKorean Tacos, Washington, DC

Truckaroo is held monthly in DC from June to October. It is a food “fiesta” of various food trucks that hit the streets of DC daily. We picked up these Korean tacos from TaKorean. Bulgogi Steak of thinly sliced ribeye steak marinated in a sweet and spice sauce. Topped with the Kimchi Style Slaw and Lime Crema.