Eggplant Two Ways, Kapnos Taverna, Arlington, VA

I love eggplant. I guess that is why I love Greek food so much. There are so many dishes that are made with eggplant. At Kapnos Taverna in Arlington, VA, I tried these two dishes that were incredible and featured this yummy purple vegetable.



A trio of three spreads you choose from their diverse selection of spreads. The bottom spread was my favorite! It was melitzanosalata. A smoky eggplant blended with roasted peppers, walnuts and feta cheese. Very tasty!  The other two spreads, taramasalata (top), made of carp roe, caviar and cauliflower. And the middle one, favosalata; yellow lentils, scallions, black garlic. Each order of their spreads comes with warm, airy, pita breads to compliment the spreads. Next time, I’m ordering the melitzanosalata just for myself!


Crispy Eggplant

This dish featured fried eggplant which was light and crispy. It was served with a spicy, honey and orange purée. Delicious!

There are many other dishes at Kapnos Taverna that I will need to go back and try. Kapnos Taverna is a great addition to the Ballston area of Arlington.

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