Doughnuts, Sugar Shack, Alexandria, VA

Seems like the new craze for foodies is doughnuts. Old Town Alexandria just got their first gourmet doughnut shop. Sugar Shack open in January in the north end and it has been a big hit. If you go on the weekends, expect long lines; but it is worth the wait!

sugar shack sign

There are a variety of doughnuts to choose from and flavors change daily. Cases are filled with the fresh-baked doughnuts. Making for a bright and colorful display. It is hard to decide which ones to pick. But what ever you end up getting, each bite is happiness in your mouth.

sugar shack donut case

On my visit, I picked out the six doughnuts below. Top row, is the maple-glazed bacon, strawberry-glazed with chocolate chips and the Snicker doughnut with caramel-glazed, chopped peanuts and chocolate drizzle. Bottom row, is the chocolate-glazed doughnut with crushed Butterfingers, crumbled Oreo cookies on top of vanilla-glazed doughnut and Heath bar on top of vanilla-glazed doughnut.

sugar shack assortment donuts

Sugar Shack doughnuts are soft and gooey. My favorite, was the strawberry-glazed doughnut. It would not be the flavor that I would normally pick. But the sweet tartness of the fresh strawberries blended into the sugary glaze was just heavenly.  When you go, make sure you order one of the strawberry-glaze doughnuts made with a variety of  yummy toppings. You will not be disappointed.

Let me know what you think....

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