Banoffee Pie at Againn, Washington, DC

Simply stated: this dessert is amazing! My coworker had talked about it and told me it was like food crack. So when I saw it on the menu at Againn, I just had to try it. It came in this mason jar which was a great presentation. On the bottom was this crunchy bits of graham cracker crumble that had been baked. As you dig a bit more, there is drizzle of chocolate ganache and my favorite part, the sweet condensed milk that has been caramelized. Then, on top of that was fresh, sweet thinly sliced bananas that are perfectly ripe. Everything is topped with fresh whip cream that is light and fluffy.

My coworker was right. It is food crack! I just want more!

Update: since this posting Againn is closed. If anyone knows were I can get this pie, let me know!

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