Foodie Travel: Ad Hoc, Yountville, CA

Napa, CA Eats
At Ad Hoc, Yountsville, CA. Roasted Chicken

Of course, when you are in Napa, the first thing you try to do is get a reservation at the French Laundry, Thomas Keller’s place and the mecca for all foodies. I called three months early and was still unable to get a reservation. Since Keller has two other places in Yountville, I did not feel left out and we ended up going to Ad Hoc, Keller’s new pop-up restaurant that is now a permanent place in Yountville.

This is a more casual and relax place that offers a 4-course family style meal and a small wine and beer list. I actually like the atmosphere which felt like I was eating in a friend’s home.

The first course was a Salad of Celery. What I loved about this salad is the way the celery was sliced very thinly and it was accompanied by candied pecans, pears, onions, poached prunes. The creamy balsamic dressing complimented the flavors wonderfully!


The second course was a chicken that was roasted and served with a ragout of sausage and white beans, braised escarole, carrots and prosciutto and topped with parmigiano reggiano. The grilled toast was great to sop up all the tasty sauce at the bottom of the pot.

The cheese course, which I forgot to take a photo of because at that point I was entering a food coma, was a sardo cheese, a firm sheep milk cheese served with roasted mushrooms and marcona almonds.

Dessert was an amazing Caramel Panna Cotta that was sweet and creamy topped with a chocolate cookie crumble and sugar crusted shortbread cookies.


Believe me, I am happy that I got to experience this meal at Ad Hoc!

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